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Thin film formation equipment

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Spin spray thin film generation equipment

Spin-Spray Thin Films Fabricating System

Spin-Spray Thin Films Fabricating System

This apparatus is designed for fabricating ferromagnetic ferrite thin films directly at the temperature between room temperature and 90 ℃ based on the technology of "ferrite plating". Ferrite plating was first invented in Prof. Abe's Laboratory (Tokyo Institute of Technology) in 1983 and has been improved many times to be applied to magnetic thin film devices and bio-medical devices, some of which have been put to practical use. One of the advantages of this technology is being able to make thin and uniform magnetic films. It makes some kinds of ferrite thin films from Fe2+ and Ni2t ions, based on oxidation reaction of Fe2+ to Fe, which is a unique point of this technology. The greatest advantage is the strong adhesion acquired from the covalent bonds between the ions of the film materials and OH radicals on the substrate surface, not of mere physical adsorption.

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Spin-Spray Thin Films Fabricating System
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